Olive Oil Lamp

How to make a lamp using olive oil



  1. Cut the wick to the length of your jar.
  2. Using the wire or paperclip, wrap one end around the tip of the wick, leaving about a 2cm end. Wrap it around the wick so that it stays in place but not too tight as you will want to be able to move the wick up with ease.
  3. With the other end of the wire, create a hook that latches onto the side of your jar, then bend the rest of the wire to meet the centre of the jar, where the tip of the wick will stand.
  4. Fill the jar with olive oil, right up to the point of the wick, leaving about a 1cm tip.
  5. Add your choice of essential oils if using.
  6. Light the candle with a long match and enjoy the beautiful glow and scent of the essential oils.
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